Wheaton Warrenville Cost Model

If you are considering modeling your implementation and sustainability plan on Wheaton-Warrenville Community School District, you can quickly get an estimate of the cost of implementing this strategy in your district by entering your local information into the calculator. If you are interested in comparing the costs across all four study districts at the same time, use the SEL Cost Calculator.

Social and Emotional Learning Expansion and Capacity Building

Wheaton Warrenville Community Unit School District 200 has used a low cost strategy to implement SEL districtwide. The initiative is led by the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, with support from an SEL Design Team, and other district leaders. The key to this strategy is providing SEL training and support to principals, who guide a consistent SEL approach at their schools.

  • The implementation uses existing structures, strategies, and resources to build adult SEL expertise, provide professional development, and guide, monitor, assess, and refine SEL integration.
  • There is an emphasis on keeping costs low and efficiency high through using existing personnel, policies, and structures. The low cost reduces the risk of budget cuts or political changes that might affect the sustainability of SEL.
  • Building and supporting internal SEL leadership, includes empowering a broad-based SEL Design Team, and developing the school principals’ skills and positioning them as site SEL leaders.

Staffing Assumptions:

  • .2 full time equivalent (FTE) of Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

Click here to download detailed assumptions used to construct the Wheaton Warrenville calculator.

Fill in the 2 values in this table. It is okay to provide estimates, as the resulting calculations are intended to provide you rough numbers to analyze or help you develop your implementation strategy and estimate the per student costs.

Wheaton Warrenville School District

Cost Model Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four Year Five Year Six
Leadership Personnel            
Other costs (with per student factor)            
Projected Annual Cost            
Projected Number of Students Served            
Projected Per Student Cost            
Wheaton Warrenville Students Served 13,500 13,500 13,500 13,500 13,500 13,500
Wheaton Warrenville Per Student Cost $3 $3 $3 $4 $6 $3

Click here to download the Cost Calculator Discussion Guide to help you or your committee use the cost model to develop your implementation strategy and staffing plan.